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What is Provide at Rosetta Homestead

What is Provide at Rosetta Homestead

Do you provide linen?

Yes – Fresh crisp linen and fluff towels are provided

Do provide basic Culinary and kitchen items?

Yes  – There is all the cutlery and plates, basic cooking saucepans toaster and coffee machine, cheese board and a variety of wine glasses are provided.

Stanthorpe is the Coldest Place in Queensland – It can even snow – Do you have heaters, blankets, etc to keep us warm.

Yes – The Lounge/Dinning room has a beautiful wood fireplace, and all bedrooms has an oil heater. All beds have Donner, blankets and electric blankets to keep you warm all night long.

Do you provide any food or drinks?

Yes – we provide some Tea, Coffee, Coffee Pods, Sugar and Milk.
There IGA, Woolworths and ALDI in Stanthorpe. Plus there is many wonderful cafe and restaurants available just downtown and throughout the district.

Is firewood provided?

Yes – We try to provide enough hardwood firewood to keep you warm for your stay The home is design to keep the home at a comfortable temperature between 20-24C all year long.

Do you have off-street parking?

Yes, there is plenty of areas to park your vehicles.

We Have Children – is this home suitable?

No – When we were renovating our home it is to be our forever home was designed for our grown adult children to visit us. Plus due to the fire regulation for the guesthouse, the designated emergence exit door handle is low so small children can use to exit if there is a fire. All rooms have Queen size beds, there is no single beds or cots. There is no toys or children entertainment items in the house. We ask that you assess your individual needs and child requirements before booking our home. You are fully responsible for the safety of your own children, especially around the fireplace, kitchen, bathroom and stairs.

May I smoke?

In respect to all guest, smoking is prohibited inside the house but you are welcome to smoke at the BBQ table where an ashtray is provided.

Can I invite friends here?

Yes – your friend can come and enjoy a wine or a meal with you but due to the Southern Downs Council Regulation, we can only have 6 people sleep in this home.

Do you have a safe for valuables?

No. Guests are responsible for their items.

Are you doing any further improvements to Rosetta Homestead?

We are wanting to provide the best holiday stay for all our guest. There is a few more thing we want to do. We are currently renovating the Studio, build a writers den and artist studios

Artwork at Rosetta Homestead

Who did the Artwork in the Hallway?

The beautiful pencil artwork was done by William’s Father – Bertie Spence after WW2.
Art work over the fireplace is by the award winning and famous artist Kinga Rypinska

What time is Check-in and Check out?

Check-in time is any time after 2 pm and check-out time is 10 am. To ensure our cleaners have ample time to prepare Rosetta Homestead for the next guests.  Failure to checkout by 10 am will incur a 50% charge of the per day letting fee. Beyond 11.30 am checkout without prior arrangement will incur a full day letting charge.

Can We have a late checkout?
Yes – We are more than happy to organize a late checkout if we do not have a guest checking in on your departure date. This must be organized 7 days prior to your check-in day.

Is it possible to leave our luggage before check-in and after check-out?

Yes we will store them in a secure area

About Payments

Can I pay with a credit card?

Yes, we accept all credit card (Visa, Mastercard, JCBDinners, American Express) – We process all payments via Paypal or your preferred booking agent or booking website.

What if I have to Cancel My Booking?

You can cancel without paying a cancellation fee one month before your reservation.
A 50% charge will be incurred if cancelled is less than 1 month before your booking date.

Why do you charge a Cancellation Fee?

We wish we did not have to charge for cancellations at all, but the reality is that a Rosetta Homestead, once the home is assigned to a booking, we will often turn down other businesses to fulfil your booking. We also then assign the cleaning and maintenance staff and resources which must be paid even if the booking is cancelled. So if a booking is cancelled we need to cover our cost.

With that principle of fairness, we have tried to be generous in our cancellation policy, and bookings cancelled before 1 month prior to the booking will incur no cost.

Why do you take a full upfront payment?

Much like ticket sales and airline seats, the house and the services must be scheduled in advance. It can generally be said that customers understand the economics behind ticket sales and airplane seating. By purchasing, they’re limiting the ability of other customers; or in other words, they are actively preventing someone else from flying or attending the show. This is the same as for Rosetta Homestead – there is only one House and to guarantee that it and the services are available for you on the dates that you have booked.  However, the cost of insteadcustomer’s no-show or cancellation for hotels can be spread over many rooms and nights, whereas we would have to cover this cost to our customer, and this leads to higher prices for your stay. In the accommodation, the industry can be between 20% to 50% depending on their location and demographics, and this is not a cost we wish to calculate and pass onto our guest. So we would rather charge less per night and take full payment at the time of booking. We do offer refunds if canceled two months before date of arrival or 50% refund after that date as this allows us to still paid our Gardner and maintenance man and cleanser for the booking.

Top 5 reasons why 100% payment is better for consumers

1. More thorough decision – When everything is invoiced upfront the beginning, leading to less uncertainty of availability. This leads to a better end result that fits within the customer’s goals.

2. Convenience – One payment is easier than handling multiple payments. It’s just easier to keep up with and account for, and requires less on the customer’s part.

3. Optimizing resources – Paying upfront is the equivalent to “Going Green” in the business world. Companies can optimize their workforce and dedicated a larger percentage of their resources to projects instead of double billing & accounting.

4. Better Service – 99.9% of businesses are honest, very concerned with their reputation, and aim to win long-term customer support. When businesses mess up, will likely refund without hesitation and move into retention mode. A customer’s money today is valuable, but that customer over a lifetime is worth many times more. When a customer only pays a percentage of the total bill, the business has less incentive to treat them like royalty. And, under some theories, the business didn’t mess up “as bad” simply because the customer only paid a percentage of the total bill.

5. Full payment means: We firmly believe you’ll be satisfied – Hoping this explains why we take 100% at the time of booking

Need Help when You are at Rosetta Homestead

We understand that you may have questions when you are staying. Should you have any queries please call Debra on 0413903650.

We hope you have a wonderful holiday.